Postgresql performance

I am new to Rust and I am trying to read 2,000,000 database postgresql with Rust.
The same code takes 8 seconds in Java but with Rust it takes about 50 seconds.
I am sure doing something wrong. (Postgres 0.18.1 - Rust 1.49.0-nightly)

Here is the code:

    let url = "postgresql://user:pass@localhost:5432/mydb";
    let client = Client::connect(url, NoTls).unwrap();


pub fn get_entries(mut client: Client)->(i32, Vec<Res1>)
    let mut count= 0;
    let mut res = Vec::new();
    for row in client.query("SELECT * FROM data", &[]).unwrap()
        //println!("{:?}", row);
        let r = Res1 {
            index: row.get(0),
            mdate: row.get(1),
            mtime: row.get(2),
            bid: row.get(3),
            ask: row.get(4),
            last: row.get(5),
            volume: row.get(6),

        count += 1;

    (count, res)

Any idea what am I doing wrong?


Are you sure, in your java version, you are actually building the same result set array in memory?

(You could try pre-allocating a larger Vec, but I really doubt that is the problem.)

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When comparing timing of Rust code vs. other languages, always run rustc in release mode, not in the default debug mode. It is not uncommon for debug-mode code to run 10x to 100x slower than release mode. There are dozens of threads in this forum about timing Rust code and optimizing performance; all of them start with the warning to not test debug-mode code.

I won't look at the code, but the usual first question coming up is, did you compile with --release option? I don't know what the library does under the hood, so it's unclear to me how debug/release mode affects performance for this particular case.

Yes here is the Java code. It actually builds an arraylist in memory.

        List<NQ_entry> res = new ArrayList<>();
        int t = 0;

            Statement st = conn.createStatement();
            ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery("SELECT * from data");

            while (
                NQ_entry r1 = new NQ_entry();
                r1.index = rs.getInt(1);
                r1.mdate = rs.getString(2);
                r1.mtime = rs.getString(3);
       = rs.getDouble(4);
                r1.ask = rs.getDouble(5);
                r1.last = rs.getDouble(6);
                r1.volume = rs.getInt(7);

        } catch (SQLException ex)
            Logger.getLogger(DBHandling.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);

        System.out.printf("Found %d entries\n", t);
        num_entries = t;

        return res;

Thanks, with the --release I got 9sec.

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