Possible paid Rust work

For my day job, I've been building a Rust codebase that can take over the system-level software for a telepresence product. I've spent about three months on the current codebase, which would potentially replace part or eventually all of the legacy codebase which uses Python, C++, and some bash scripts.

The goal of the project is to build a strong core that can interface with the kernel, system services, and system hardware on the lower end, and the Qt-based (C++) user interface software on the high end. Specific hardware that this layer may need to interact with are custom servo / motor controllers, audio, cameras, wifi, and LTE. There will also be interaction with RESTful cloud APIs.

Upper management has been very concerned about being able to find Rust programmers. They've been talking about Golang as a possible alternative because they believe it will be easier to find developers. However, they've given me the go-ahead to informally ask around. Living in or near the Bay area would be a plus.

spease at suitabletech.com



Do you know about https://rustjobs.rs/ ?

Also the obligatory Unix Koan for Recruiters is always a good read (7 lines of text)