Possible code bug to cause big amount of latency?


I have noticed, and have gotten complaints from beta testers, is that sometimes the website takes a long time to load. So I put in some timers in my code so see which function of my code takes the longest but each and every request(It times from the time its before middleware component is called until its after middleware component is called) is well below 1 milliseconds.

I tried using Pingdom.com and Real User Monitoring (RUM) to see if the requests take longer than they should. very few take more than 15-50s to load, HOWEVER, this latency problem is not consistent. Most of the time it’s well below 1 seconds for load time.

Here is my Source code: https://github.com/Ap0ph1s/Oxidized

I dont think its a problem with Iron itself, but maybe the code I wrote? something outside of Iron like Hyper or anything? I dunno, what do you guys think?