Possible bus error


I tested this code on android and I had a bus error
fn main() { //println!("size of u8 {}", ::std::mem::size_of::<u8>()); // err //println!("size of u8 {}", 1); // err //println!("aaaaaaaaaaa{}", 1); // err println!("{}{}", "hello world", 1); // err }

It is on:
rustc 1.13.0-nightly (e07dd59ea 2016-08-25) binary: rustc commit-hash: e07dd59eaeb7be95afd2fb3dc131108ae750c91c commit-date: 2016-08-25 host: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu release: 1.13.0-nightly
And to compile:
rustc --target arm-linux-androideabi -C linker=arm-linux-androideabi-gcc main.rs

I don’t know if the error is from my system or android phone.