Portmidi-rs 0.2

I've refactored portmidi-rs to make it more rustic.

Some changes are, that you don't have to explicitly initialize and terminate the portmidi library anymore and it's now possible to read and write a vector of Midi events/messages.
This means that the API has changed slight a bit and the previous versions 0.1.* are incompatible with 0.2.
Some things that are left to do:

  • parse Midi messages and return a special event like NoteOff instead of the raw midi message
  • test SysEx support

If you're using the portmidi crate already in some projects and don't want to use the new API then make sure to use a 0.1.* version setting in your Cargo.toml.

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UPDATE: The crate owner hasn't published the 0.2 version, yet.