Porting AquilaOS to Rust

Hello fellow Rusticians!

I'm porting my operating system to use Rust. AquilaOS is a little project I work on in my free time, it was entirely written in C with small goals (mainly me learning about operating systems), you can check the original code on GitHub: http://github.com/thethumbler/aquila

I learned rust recently and it wowed me! so I decided to port aquila. So far I managed to port a minimal (working) version of the kernel to rust, currently it's unsafe mess with a lot of resemblance of the original C code, I'm rewriting/refactoring the modules to be more rust-ish. This could be a great opportunity for enthusiasts willing to learn about rust, kernels and transitioning from C to Rust.

You can check the rust version of the kernel here: https://github.com/thethumbler/aquila-kernel

As noted, I'm new to rust, and most of the code is probably wrong or has better approaches, feel free to suggest modifications, create issues or open PRs.


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