Plotters and time series

Any plotters gurus about?

I had done some experiments with plotters with success so I thought it would be easy to tackle a little task...

Basically what I have is a mass of measurements made over 24 hours, essentially a time series of rfc3339 timestamps and measured values.

What I would like to do is to simply plot them all. A scatter plot would do for now. I might do whatever averaging and such later. I thought it would be a simple case of tweaking with one of the nice examples on the plotters page, the Monthly Time Coordinate example. That would take care of the time axis and labels, hours, minutes etc.

After some hours of futzing around an trying to comprehend the docs I have failed.

Now I wonder if I'm approaching it all wrong. Perhaps I should just convert all the timestamps to hours as floats and plot that. Presumably I can format the axis labels back to hours, mins and seconds with that.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Or perhaps there is a better crate for this. I do like the idea of running this as WASM in the browser at some point.

ChartBuilder::build_ranged takes AsRangedCoord which is implemented for Range<DateTime<Z: TimeZone>. So feeding it start..end should work.