Plotters - A drawing libarary for plotting

TL;DR: I am creating a drawing library for data visualization.

I am a human genetics researcher who primary uses Rust. In the bioinformatics area, people usually use R or Python. But the amount of data is astonishing huge. That is why I love Rust a lot, since it’s have powerful iterators, while performance is similar to C/C++.

Sometimes I need to render some figures based on huge amount of data and requires some flexibility. e.g. some intervals on a line chart. But I found there are few plotting libraries, like plotlib. But none of them is flexible enough, that’s why I come with the idea: Instead of creating a plotting library, creating a drawing library that supports drawing plot easily. That’s pretty much what the repo is for.

I also made the library support WASM and can draw directly on HTML canvas, so I think it may be useful for web-based data visualization as well.


It is quite exciting. Personally, I work with C++, and seems quite quite hard to find a plot library can draw financial data. But you did it with rust.

Just one suggestion, maybe parallel coordinate chart could be supported in future.

Wow. Thank you.