Playground examples of Rust syntax

I've been learning Rust for the last year. As part of that I've collected a number of playground syntax examples linked with background language information. That's been useful as a reminder while writing code. I hope others may also find them useful: GitHub - JimFawcett/RustPlaygroundExamples: A set of links to playground examples that illustrate small bits of Rust syntax. I welcome feedback both positive and corrective. Thanks.


Thank you for making the time, and distilling key aspects of the Rust language. I came to your Rust<Bites|Stories|Examples> repos through this post. Very helpful to get clear insight and reference to solving my problems. You have a knack for distilling important bits and communicating them. It was no surprise to see you came to this point through years of engineering and teaching. A true labor of love.

Thank you :wink: :innocent: :+1:

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