`piston_window` error: OpenGlVersionNotSupported

Still can't figure it out.

Doing my own search, I could find (so far):

  • I get "GL context creation failed" when running an example.

    It's likely your hardware or driver doesn't support PistonWindow's default OpenGl spec. Just change it to something you can support at the beginning of the example. See hello_world.rs for an example.


And also this thread

Following the discussion there, it might be worth a try to call .graphics_api(OpenGL::V2_1) on the WindowSettings and see if that helps?

    let mut window: PistonWindow = WindowSettings::new(
        "Ping Pong",
        Size {
            width: to_coord(width as f64),
            height: to_coord(height as f64),
+   .graphics_api(piston_window::OpenGL::V2_1)

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