Pijul 0.8, a DVCS in Rust based on a sane theory of patches



We just released Pijul 0.8, a distributed version control system based on a sane theory of patches.
This release is much more stable, and comes with a manual.


The link to the blog post should be https://pijul.org/2017/09/14/pijul-0.8/.

@pmeunier The blog seems mis-configured: the links on https://pijul.org/posts/ use example.org as the domain, not pijul.org as intended.

Btw, as an old Mercurial developer, I think it’s exciting to see that there is still room for innovation in the DVCS space! :slight_smile:


Interesting, I’ll definitely give this a try. Looking forward to how it develops!


Hi! Thanks for reporting these issues (I changed static site generator yesterday, so there are probably still a few glitches here and there).