Picking a game engine for a 4X hobby game

I have an old game project from last year, that I want to revive. Back then I wrote the start of a game using Piston, but stalled when everything stopped scaling properly for reasons I couldn't understand.

I want to get back in to using Rust in my spare time, the area of game engines seem to have grown somewhat since I last looked at arewegameyet.com

I tried getting Amethyst to run, as that seemed big and popular, but the vulkan backend fails to work with my graphics driver (on linux), so I gave up there.

The game project is a 2D topdown 4X strategy game (similar enough to Sid Meier's Civilization for the purposes of this question). So my question is:
What game engine / framework / set of libraries would you recommend?

Engines people use comes up a lot in "This Month in Rust GameDev" issues.

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There's also this article by Icefoxen describing some of the 2D engines that are available - slightly outdated at this point (especially with regards to Quicksilver, which has some pretty big API changes coming in the next version), but still a good resource.

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