Performance of OrbTK

Pardon me if I seem to be hijacking the thread. I'm new to Rust and I was looking for a GUI. I cloned OrbTk and built its widgets example in release mode. I am running on Windows 10. Even in the release build it seems to be slow. By that I mean when you click on buttons and other things there is some significant delay. Does anyone have any insight into whether this can get faster or is that just the way it will be? If so I may look around for something else or even stick to C++ for GUI apps.
It's kind of ironic since the whole schpeel about ECS at least for games is that it gives better performance.

I've watched a couple of videos about ECS and data driven development lately including that rogue-like video mentioned above. Those methods seem well-suited to games where you have a lot of objects to manipulate. But not all programs are like that.

I have moved your post to a new thread. I am not familiar with OrbTK specifically, but there are certainly some Rust gui libraries that are faster than others. There are not really any super mature GUI libraries yet.

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