Peace: Zero Stress Automation

Heya :wave:, I just published, a website for :dove: Peace, my automation framework project.

Although it's been worked on for about 2 years (across different repos), the project is not yet at the "useful" stage. That said, I think people would find the way things are done, and the concepts it implements to be something in the "I wish this exists" bucket.

There is a WASM live demo for a simple "file download" item spec, which uses the same code as the native download example (it's the same example!).

I was hoping to have the app_cycle example demoable before publishing the website, but realized "this is much bigger than I thought" many times while coding it :smile:

:v: enjoy


2023-04-04 Update: I presented a talk at the Auckland Rust Meetup (event) with a live demo of an environment management tool:

For users:

  • Information is communicated in a meaningful form, at the right level of detail -- see what will change before doing it, see where a process is up to, and the estimated time to completion.
  • Cancel safety and idempotence means changes of mind is no longer frustrating -- stop and start the automation where it left off.
  • Graceful handling of errors and recovery means less stress, more peace.

And apologies for the weird camera angle -- we didn't have a long enough cable to place the camera further away

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2023-05-30 Update: I presented how we can communicate clearly through code at the Rust AKL meetup, using the :dove: Peace automation framework as an example of engineering empathy.

"Empathy is about connecting with people.

Whether it is verbal, visual, or in code, find your voice, and communicate with clarity."

Recording: (may need to max your volume -- the audio is quite soft)

Peace is a software automation framework designed to be empathetic and forgiving.

For developers:

  • Type safety enables discovery and correctness through code completion -- write code, not strings.
  • Time to fix mistakes is reduced from tens of minutes to seconds -- verification is performed on save, not on deploy.
  • Compile time errors with meaningful messages enables automatic learning through discovery.
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2023-06-29 update: Heya all, here's a demo video on what a tool built with the framework can do thus far, best watched on 2x speed:

I've also published a blog post on the project's direction, the first video in the post is the same as the one above, the two additional clips after that hopefully are a "hah that's cool" moment:

enjoy :v:

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