PDV Viewer – looking for Sponsors

Almost a year ago a friend and I started working on a PDF parser (now the pdf crate), but no rendering was planned.
Now with pathfinder there is a suitable backend (low-level enough, but not too low to be too much work). When I saw that @pcwalton was looking for a PDF frontend, I thought that it might be possible.

Indeed it is, but it is a long road ahead.

My goals are:

  • fast rendering
  • support for all font formats
  • pure rust (right now freetype is used)
    • Type1, CFF and OTF need Rust parsers. Not sure if Harfbuzz is needed.
  • runs on WASM (with WebGL)

Unfortunately I can't afford to work on it in the long term without financial support (I am living in a somewhat remote place with lots of work to do.)
If your know someone, who might be interested in supporting such a project, please let me know.


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