Pattern Match Const Array of Slices

I'm relatively new to Rust language and trying to do something like:

pub const ARR_SIZE: usize = 3;
fn main() {
    pub const ARR: [&str; ARR_SIZE] = [

    assert_eq!("Does", ARR[0]); // This does work

    let k = format!("{}", ARR[0]);
    assert_eq!(k, ARR[0].); // This does work

    let p = "Does";
    match p {
        ARR[0] => true, // This does not work; does not compile.
        _ => false

The intent is to pattern match the slices in ARR with values p that are passed in.
Is there a syntax I'm missing for destructuring const arrays? Is there a reason this would cause problems?

The direct way would be, but that's currently nightly-only.

So you'd need to do something like

const ARR0: &str = ARR[0];
match p {
    ARR0 => true, // Now it's a const so this works.
    _ => false


Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not ready to dip into the nightly builds so I'll probably do something like you suggested above.

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