Patch in .toml file for crate with multiple members doesn't bring in all members

So I had a Cargo.toml file that had a line

rend3 = "0.2.3"

"rend3" has a list of features in its Cargo.toml file:

members = [

So pulling in "rend3" from "" makes all those names visible. Fine.

But there's a bug in that which is fixed on Github but not yet on, and I thus need to use the version from Github. So, in my Cargo.toml file that uses rend3, I overrode with

rend3 = { git = '' }

This brings in "rend3", but the other members are not visible. I get the compile error

use rend3_routine;
       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no external crate `rend3_routine`

How do I bring in all the members? Thanks.

You will have to use [patch.crates-io] for each member of the repo. In addition you need to specify rend3-routine as dependency in [dependencies] too to be able to use it in your crate. Also I don't know of it is a mistake when copying to your post, but [] should be [patch.crates-io]. (crates-io with a - instead of a .)

You will have to use [patch.crates-io] for each member of the repo.

Turns out that won't work. The new repo has a different list of members than the one in, and you can't patch a member that isn't in the old one. So, renaming members breaks the patch system.

So I just did it the hard way, commenting out the references and putting in ones to github. No use of patch at all.

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