Passing Obj in place of Trait

  1. I have code that reduces ot the following:

pub trait AnimalT {
    fn num_legs(&self) -> isize;

pub struct Cat {}

impl AnimalT for Cat {
    fn num_legs(&self) -> isize { unimplemented!() }

pub struct Wrapper<'a, T: ?Sized> {
    pub animal: &'a T,

pub fn foo<'a>(animal: Wrapper<'a, AnimalT>) {

fn test() {
    let c = Cat{};
    let f: Wrapper<Cat> = Wrapper{ animal: &c };

  1. I get the error of:
26 |     foo(f);
   |         ^ expected trait AnimalT, found struct `Cat`
   = note: expected type `Wrapper<'_, (dyn AnimalT + 'static)>`
              found type `Wrapper<'_, Cat>`
  1. This is confusing to me because we have impl AnimalT for Cat so I see no reason why a &'a AnimalT can not store a &'a Cat

  2. What am I doing wrong, and how do we fix this?

Rust will only implicitly convert a value to a trait object in some situations. It won’t in this situation, so you have to explicitly do it:

let f = Wrapper { animal: &c as &dyn AnimalT };
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Here’s a working example
Notice that I have essentially changed the contents of Wrapper from dyn AnimalT to T: AnimalT, so that it can be resolved by the type checker. As @arthrowpod points out, it would be okay as well if you didn’t use type ascription.
Notice as well here that you can just do what the compiler is hinting at…

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another way you can do it uses nightly Rust using CoerceUnsized and Unsize