Participate in #screenshotsaturday #rustlang on Twitter


Cross-posted from /r/rust_gamedev: is a major trend among gamedevs on Twitter. Lots of visual progress updates are posted on /r/rust_gamedev every week, so it’d be great if devs would also participate in #screenshotsaturday to raise more awareness about Rust as a game dev language. All you have to do is tweet with the tags #screenshotsaturday and #rustlang and it will show up in this feed:

One bonus feature in Twitter is that we can also link to a picture feed, like so:


As well as the hashtag being popular in and of itself, there’s also a bot with something like 45k followers which auto-retweets any #screenshotsaturday posts (as I found out by accident last weekend :stuck_out_tongue: ) - definitely a good way to get some eyes on your work!


Some really awesome entries this week:

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I like watching the steady progress of Robo Instructus puzzle game:


New round coming up tomorrow!


I’ve started account a few days ago in an attempt to create some central point for #rustlang #gamedev stuff on twitter. Hope it’ll be useful for the community. I’m not that good at monitoring IM chats so feel free to DM all the interesting stuff that I overlook.

There’re still almost none #screenshotsaturday tweets :frowning: