PartialEq/Eq/Hash + Any?

Is there a crate that provides an easy wrapper around Any for requiring PartialEq/Eq/Hash support?

Do you really need a wrapper for it? Wouldn't the following do too:


use std::any::Any;
use std::hash::Hash;

trait HashableAny = Any + PartialEq + Eq + Hash;


Or, if you want to use stable Rust:

use std::any::Any;
use std::hash::Hash;

trait HashableAny: Any + PartialEq + Eq + Hash {}
impl<T> HashableAny for T where
    T: Any + PartialEq + Eq + Hash {}


Assuming that the request for Any in particular is done with the goal to work with type-erased trait objects, note that Eq and Hash aren’t object safe. But you can work around that; I don’t personally know any crates for this either, but an approach like this one should work:

Rust Playground


:scream: I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing it out. That makes my example above useless, of course.

Just insignificantly longer than my (broken) attempt :innocent:. (Edit: actually half of the code is testing, so not really that long.)

Okay, now I understand the wish for a crate.

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It'd also be nice to throw in ToString while at it, but that's the easy part. :‌p (And we don't need the wrapper itself to support it, thankfully.)

But it'd still be nice to get this packaged as a crate...

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