Parsing iterator over a file


Hello everyone! A Python guy trying out Rust here for the first time here :-).

I want to create an iterator over a file that would read the file contents in chunks of pre-defined size and yield strings to a consumer. The question is how do I go from a straightforward loop:

let mut buf = [0; BUFSIZE];
loop {
    let size = match buf) {
        Err(error) => panic!("...", error),
        Ok(0) => break,
        Ok(result) => result,
    print!("{}", str::from_utf8(&buf[0..size]).unwrap());

to an implementation of an Iterator<String> trait so it could be used like this:

for chunk in chunks(f) {
  print!("{}", chunk);

I tried to look at core::iter::iterate but can’t really wrap my head around the correct syntax.



According to discussion on IRC, this is superseded by File reading iterator. (Was deleted by the spam filter, now unstuck.)