Parse Wiki Text released

Parse Wiki Text parses wiki text from Mediawiki into a tree of elements. This is extremely challenging to do correctly, since wiki text was never designed to be parsed, only to be transformed through a step by step procedure into a fixed HTML format that is tied to the way websites were designed in the past. See the readme file for more information and some interesting reading about the challenges of parsing wiki text. You can find Parse Wiki Text on and Github.

There are several reasons I'm announcing this on the forum:

  • It's the first crate I publish. I would like feedback.
  • I would like to make Parse Wiki Text more well-known. There are probably many people who would benefit from processing wiki text.
  • This may be interesting reading to anyone interested in parsers. See the readme file for a description of the challenges in parsing wiki text.
  • I would like to apply to be crate of the week. A Wikipedia browser has been crate of the week before, and it uses naive regular expressions to parse wiki text, so I think a high quality wiki text parser deserves to be the next crate of the week.
  • I would like to invite a discussion. Ask me anything. It can be about wiki text, making parsers in Rust or my personal experience with Rust.

Happy hacking!


Hi @Fredrik , I'm very interested in parsing wikitext. Unfortunately, your website is down. Can I have your email to contact you?

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