Parameters without separation

Can anyone help me understand why the Map parameters don’t have a separator (such as a comma or colon)?

let maybe_some_len =|s| s.len());

The documentation doesn’t appear to suggest this style in any way. Am I missing something?

map only takes 1 parameter other than its reciever. You could write it as

let maybe_some_len = Option::map(maybe_some_string, |s| s.len());

But that is the same as the method syntax.

Btw, you can format your code like this

// your code here
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I like your approach as a function rather than a method.

Can you walk me through the 1 parameter? What is the purpose of the vertical bars with relationship to a String?

Ah, I see. The vertical bars signify the start of a closure, (in other languages they are called anonymous functions, arrow functinons, etc.)

You can read about them here, as the book does a fantastic job of explaining them

And if you want to see how they work, you can ready my blog about them, although I should warn you, I do go in deep into how closures work, if you are unfamiliar with trait, generics, and how they work together I would put this off for now until you get familiar with them.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or message me!


Thanks Krishna,

This is great to know, I am currently on chapter 8 of The Book. I have not yet reached traits. For now, I am satisfied to at least know that I am looking at a closure. I will temporarily hold off learning about closures and continue to read the book sequentially.

Coming from Python, I have been introduced to many new concepts. It appears I went down a worm hole, thanks for your patience.

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No problem! Have fun learning Rust!

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