Paid tutor wanted

Hello :slight_smile: I am looking for a paid tutor to help me out to build a simple web app based on this ideally we could communicate via Skype (text mostly) . It should be doable in 2-4 hours max I think.
I have also posted a project on Upwork

I am learning for my own interest (as an hobby) but I have found more useful and time effective to work with a tutor!
thanks in advance

What in particular did you need help with? That example looks pretty straightforward.

yes it is and I did manage to modify it and have it working. This said I would need some help to expand it a bit more. Would you be interested in helping? will pay for your time :slight_smile:

for instance I am not totally sure if I am doing the right template integration. The only template I managed to get working is but it seems that I need to rewrite the html in a new format.

I also want to add a simple password protection to a route…and other small bits and pieces


I can help you out if you really need external help.

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great how can I contact you ?

You can DM me here and we can discuss things further

can you please send me a DM ? I think is not available to new forum users…