Paid gig: port 2,200 lines of clean C++ to Rust


So I spent some time today integrating SIMD support (which required to switch to nightly toolchain, unfortunately), just to find out that, surprisingly, this does not really provide a significant performance boost. Speedup is somewhere around 10%, and cross-checking with the C++ version yields approximately the same results (10-15% performance decrease with SIMD turned off). I suspect that in order to catch up with C++ it would be necessary to also use parallelization (which is achieved in the original by using OpenMP). Does anyone know, what’s considered hip in this regard in contemporary Rust?


Rayon is a popular choice, it mostly uses the same design principles as Intel TBB if you are familiar with that.


Thanks for the advice, parallel iterators seem to be exactly what’s needed


I’ve finally found the problematic place, that have been ruining the performance. Now the Rust version outperforms the original by 4-5%. See for yourself