Pafera File Server 1.4 Update

Although I wasn't going to work on this project anymore, after getting feedback from friends, family, business partners, and even several random internet strangers, I'm proud to announce the new 1.4 update to Pafera File Server that adds

  1. Rsync Support: Now you can sync your phone to your computer while transferring only the changed portions of large files.

  2. Transcode Support: Convert videos to various formats so that your iPhone friends can watch mkv files straight inside Safari, or convert downloaded music videos to MP3 or AAC files.

  3. Compression/Extraction Support: You can work on .zip, .7z, .rar, .tar.gz, .tar.7z files straight from your phone's browser, and easily send files and folders to your friends.

  4. Shell Command Support: Run arbitrary shell commands on your phone, allowing you to access the full power of ImageMagick, FFMpeg, and many more such command line programs.

Interested parties can just run

cargo install paferafileserver

to try it out. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

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