P2P Chat Problem

Hi! I want my program to be a server and a client at the same time. This is what I've written so far. How can I finish it?

pub fn run()
    let sendSocket = std::net::TcpListener::bind("").expect("");

    let (mut socket, addr) = sendSocket.accept().expect("");
    println!("Connected! {}", addr);

    let receive = std::thread::spawn( ||{
        let mut inputBuffer = vec![0; 1024];
        socket.read_exact(&mut inputBuffer).expect("");
        let msg = inputBuffer.into_iter().take_while(|&x| x != 0).collect::<Vec<_>>();
        let msg = String::from_utf8(msg).expect("");
        println!("-{}", msg);
    let send = std::thread::spawn(|| {
        let mut sendMsg = String::new();
        std::io::stdin().read_line(&mut sendMsg).expect("");
        sendMsg = sendMsg.trim().to_string();
        let mut buff = sendMsg.clone().into_bytes();
        buff.resize(1024, 0);

The problem is that after I move the socket to the sender I can't receive anything.
Thanks in advance!

If you put it in an Arc, then you can clone the arc to get several handles to the same shared socket, and move a clone into each thread. You should be able to call the write and read methods on the socket even if it's wrapped in an Arc.

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