Overriding Dependency Registry

Trying to setup our internal PR & CI build processes for a Rust workspace and hitting a snag trying to publish to our private repositories on Artifactory. My workspace has 3 members, 2 of them depend on the other. For most things we start a PR which will run a test build & publish it to the dev registry then once it's accepted it gets built & published to the CI registry. Swapping out those registries during packaging & building is proving to be tricky. The top level Cargo.toml has something like this:

member_a = { path = "./member_a", version="0.1", registry = "ci" }

When publishing to our dev registry I need to override that "ci" to "dev". Seems like it might work if the member pre-exists in that registry but it's certainly not working for new packages and would break in subsequent version bumps. Patching doesn't seem to override the registry, or if it does it's trying to find it in the ci registry first which is failing and erroring the whole process.

Example patch:

member_a= { version = "0.1.255-dev.123.0", registry = "dev" }

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