Out of curiosity - in which language/framework is https://www.rust-lang.org/ written?

Well, I have been having fun with Rust , as well as enjoying the discussions on Rust community.

One thing just came to my mind though.
In many programming languages, including Rust, the compiler is written in the language itself ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bootstrapping_(compilers) ). That serves as a demonstration of the power and generality of the language.

But as we are on the web age, and Rust aims also to fill gaps in the web space (like wasm), one question resonated in my mind: Out of curiosity - in which language/framework is the website https://www.rust-lang.org/ written?

The server response header indicates Rocket, so I presume the site's using the Rocket framework.

If you didn't know, the rust-lang.org website is actually open source as well! It's written in Rocket, as is clearly stated in the README.


Thanks for the answer.

It is actually good to know it is in Rust. And also a good opportunity to learn about using Rocket in production. Thanks a lot!

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