Orion 0.15 - Argon2i, pure-Rust secretstream, extensive testing and benchmarks

orion is a cryptography library written in pure Rust. It aims to provide easy and usable crypto while trying to minimize the use of unsafe code.

GitHub: https://github.com/brycx/orion
Crates.io: https://crates.io/crates/orion

After 8 months since the last major update, I'm very pleased to announce orion has finally reached 0.15.

Overview of notable changes since the last update (v0.14):

  • Focus on improving and stabilizing the API.
  • Added support for Argon2i(single-threaded).
  • Added support for a pure-Rust implementation of libsodiums secretstream. Thanks to snsmac for driving this effort.
  • Major improvements to the testing of the library. This includes a completely new testing framework, constant-time tests running in CI on OSX and Windows, as well as constant-time fuzzing using WASM with sidefuzz in orion-sidefuzz.
  • The library is now listed as an alternative to rust-crypto in the RustSec advisory database.
  • Performance improvements and newly published benchmarks in the wiki to give an overview of the performance that can be expected. Benchmarks include a daily workstation and Raspberry Pi 2.

(See full changelog here)

A huge thanks to the existing and the three new contributors that helped with this release and make the library a lot better!


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