Orion 0.14 released - Improvements and call for collaborator(s)

orion is a cryptography library written in pure Rust. It aims to provide easy and usable crypto while trying to minimize the use of unsafe code.

GitHub: https://github.com/brycx/orion
Crates.io: https://crates.io/crates/orion

Overview of notable changes since the last update (v0.13):

  • Improved overall performance and up to ~30% in ChaCha20/XChaCha20 and ~20% in ChaCha20Poly1305/XChaCha20Poly1305.

  • Testing WebAssembly (wasm32-unknown-unknown) support in CI.

  • Major refactoring of newtypes and cleanup of error-types.

  • Automated testing in CI, for constant-time execution. Thanks to u/0b_0101_001_1010 for suggesting this.

  • Further decreased the amount of unsafe code in dependencies.

Apart from the improvements above, I’m also posting this to see if anybody is interested in collaborating on this project. The project could benefit from some more people discussing and working on further development and would mean that it doesn’t necessarily die if I suddenly don’t have time to maintain it myself.

For people interested in collaborating, that want to have a private chat about this, can contact me here.