Organize and call a bunch of functions with known type parameter

I have a series of structs S1, S2, S3 …, which all implement trait S.
There’s an enum E, indicates which S it is.
Enum E { S1, S2, S3 }
(For some reason I cannot merge S structs into the enum).
Now I have a Context contains fields:

Structs Context<‘a> {
   kind: E
   obj: Box<dyn S>

E And Sx Is decided on runtime, which from tcp stream.

Now I have a series of functions to operate on Context:

func operate1<‘a>(context: &mut Context<‘a>, s: &mut S1)
func operate2<‘a>(context: &mut Context<‘a>, s: &mut S1)
func operate3<‘a>(context: &mut Context<‘a>, s: &mut S2)
func operate4<‘a>(context: &mut Context<‘a>, s: &mut S2)
func operate5<‘a>(context: &mut Context<‘a>, s: &mut S2)

The function need both specific S and other Context fields.
Now I write a wrapper function to steal dyn S from Context, downcast to &mut Sx, and then return it after operate function.
My question is:
Can I make it to

func operate6<‘a>(context: &mut ContextOrAnyOtherStruct::<‘a, S3>)

And smartly manage and call these operate functions by E Or Sx in Context?
(Get a container, contains operate6 or its wrapper, and loop in it, only when kind is E::S3, call operate6)
Should I have a look to tower or axum?

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