Optimize BufWriter on tests


I have a big file that I have to write (around 30mb) and I've added a unit-test. I can't reduce the size of the write, since it's bound to the logic being tested.

When running tests in --release it takes 0.28s to finish, which is nice, but when running without --release it takes 5.01s, which is very long time.

I've already added this to Cargo.toml but it doesn't seems to work.

opt-level = 3

If I add:

opt-level = 3

It works fine, which makes me wonder if it's possible to optimize only std (std isn't a dependency?), since I don't like to fully optimize my code and I'll need to do some debugging also.

The standard library is pre-compiled and always optimized.

BufWriter<T> is codegenes as part of your crate as it is generic. It is not possible to only optimize a part of a crate.


Thanks! It makes sense now. Indeed if it is generic, it's impossible to optimize part of the crate.

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