OpenCV. How to use an extra modules in Rust?

Hello! I’m completely new in Rust.

I’m trying to do the same things that i found in this Python manual.

The main thing that i need to do is Face Recognition. I’ve found few crates for opencv but they are not implemented access to extra modules yet.

Can someone tell me, how can i get access to face opencv extra module from my Rust application ?
Maybe i need to write some wrappers. And if so, how can i do it ?

Thanks for help!

Looks like your best bet:

The first search result does not appear to be actively maintained. Other options are all alternatives to using opencv entirely. In particular the rustface crate looks interesting.

Thanks for trying, but i was see those crates. There is no implemented method for working with external modules. Only with core or maybe i missed something.

Anyway, i’m already make a decision about my project. It will be Python + Rust bundle.

Thanks again!