Open docs and source using lsp-mode in emacs

I have lsp-mode mode working pretty well with rust-analzyer in spacemacs. It does a great job of showing types and errors while moving around the source, but I can't figure out how to do two basic things:

  1. Open to the source code of a function or type from a 3rd party package.
  2. Open the documentation of a function or type from a 3rd party package.
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Hmm, "go to definition" and hover documentation should work for 3rd party crates just like it does for your own code and the standard library. Does it still not work if you restart rust-analyzer after adding the crate?

(If you're looking for a function that opens the documentation in a separate buffer or the browser though, that doesn't exist.)

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Thanks! I'm not sure what I was doing wrong before, but jump-to-definition (Spc-m-g-g) is now working great opening all source files.

As for the docs, I do get the hover window. But for longer docs, I'd like to be able to at least scroll the window so I can see everything. I'd also like to be able to follow the links within the docs (doesn't need to be a browser) . Are both of those things not possible?

You can scroll the documentation popup with the mouse, I think, but there doesn't seem to be a function to open it in a proper window. It might be worth checking the emacs-lsp repository for that and maybe asking there.

And links in the documentation aren't handled yet in rust-analyzer, I think, but there's a bug for it.

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