OOP inheritance crate

Well, I am going to use this crate for Agera SDK (my use-case), for representing display objects.

It does not include method overriding (they shadow the super class's methods instead), but it should feel like DOM elements in general.

I know that the ECS (Entity-Component-System) is a thing that fits well into Rust, but I find that it results in the same. Some people will prefer ECS, others will prefer inheritance, for certain things like display and interactivity.

If your OOP can not emulate classic OOP with virtual methods, developed more than half-century ago (and which is both extremely powerful and dangerous) then how can you call that oop inheritance ?

That's pretty nice thing to have, but that's not oop inheritance ! At least it's not how Wikipedia defines that term.

The inheritance crate was reserved already, but I understand... I would like to support virtual methods, but I am not sure it is possible since we have no access to Rust's semantic data in procedural macros.

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