On the availability of the Rust survey 2023 in languages other than english

Usually, survey stuff is talked about on zulipchat. I found two thread:

Hi, I'm posting here for better visibility. We are nearing the launch of the 2023 Rust Annual survey, and we'd like to ask for help with checking translations of the survey, which were generated automatically with machine translation. If you'd like to help, please check this message. Currently, we are missing someone who could check Spanish, Portuguese, Ukraine, Traditional Chinese or Korean translations.
src: https://rust-lang.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/122651-general/topic/Asking.20for.20help.20with.20translating.20the.20annual.20survey

I created a new topic to have a single message with a guide on how to help with translating the 2023 Rust Annual Survey. Sadly, the process is not very automated, but it's the best we can do this year. Note that the translations have been generated automatically, and we mostly want help with checking that they are OK-ish, and finding out potential fixes/improvements.

Here is how you can help with checking/translating the survey:

  1. Download a PDF with the English version of the survey from here
  2. Open the survey and choose the language that you want to help translate
  3. Go through the survey and cross-check that the translation makes sense, w.r.t. the English version from the PDF. You can write your notes e.g. into a hackMD document.
  4. After you're finished, please send your notes/changes to Gracie Gregory at graciegregoryrustfoundation.org.

It would be great if we could finish reviewing the translations by 15th December.

People that volunteered to translate the survey (I will be updating this list dynamically, if new people sign up):

French: Albert Larsan
Simplified Chinese: Charles Lew
Japanese: tanakakz
German: llogiq
Russian: Yoh Deadfall
Spanish: IƱaki Garay, Manuel Drehwald
Traditional Chinese:
If you want to help, please write what language would you like to check/translate in this stream and I will add you to the list.

src: https://rust-lang.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/402479-t-community.2Frust-survey/topic/Translation.20guide