On the availability of the Rust survey 2023 in languages other than english

Hi (member of the Rust survey team here), thanks for the feedback! We are sorry for the bad quality of the Spanish (possibly also other) translation(s).

This year, we were scrambling to put the survey out at all, since there were not a lot of people left in the team from previous years, so we had to restart the effort. Regarding translations, I think that a few years back, we had a team of volunteer translators that translated everything from scratch, but we were not able to find so many volunteers this year, and since the survey was prepared quite late, I don't think that there was even time for that.

Last year, I think that a professional translation company was used, but I think that the quality also wasn't stellar, so we decided to abandon it.

This year (well, in the 2023 survey), we have used the buit-in machine translation of SurveyHero (the survey system that we use), which uses Google Translate. We knew that the translations are far from perfect, so we tried to enlist the help of at least a few volunteers to check and correct the AI generated translations. We hoped that this would catch the most glaring errors, as we knew that unreviewed translations are not a good idea, and that's also why we have decided to ditch languages that were auto-translated, but for which we weren't able to find reviewers.

The Spanish translation specifically was reviewed by two separate reviewers, and I'm not sure what happened, if they didn't catch these mistakes or if the corrections didn't appear in the final version by accident. I have to say that the translation process is quite complicated in SurveyHero, since it can only export the questions in PDF, but it doesn't support accented/Unicode characters, so we were not able to even easily export the translated versions, and reviewers thus had to manually go through the survey to find errors, which was really error-prone. And the fixes also had to be manually applied by a single person to the survey, which was quite challenging for N language versions.

It's clear that the translations were again lacking this year, and I'm sorry for that. Hopefully, we will be able to finalize the survey questions much sooner for the next survey and thus have more time to ask for help with translating from community members (maybe we could try to engage a more broader community, e.g. on Reddit).

(Sorry for answering so late, I didn't notice this forum thread, I mostly lurk on Zulip.)