On multithreading and error handling

For non-recoverable user-facing errors (ie. "Cannot connect to the internet"), is returning a result through a channel to the GUI thread something ok to do? Or should I be handling it differently?

Returning the error through the channel is one reasonable way to handle errors.

That works, but IMO is needlessly complex.

What I would recommend instead:

In the main thread, you want to start all the threads, and then join on the handles of all of them

If you want to get rid of that expect() , you would have to do something like https://github.com/crev-dev/cargo-crev/blob/88b96096b7b996ad64f42f05031c871c67bbd21f/cargo-crev/src/main.rs#L1032 to get the panic error message from inside that opaque data structure via downcasting.

Each thread you join on, should be a loop either over channel recv or just checking some atomic boolean flag to make it exit.

If you can't have the thread cleanly stop, just don't join on it.

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