Okay to post Git-code?

It is always nice to make a simplified and replicable example of your code so it's easier for people to provide support and it improves readability for people with the same question.

But what if you have a really big project using async, different threads,... and the code is to complex to simplify, is it in that situation okay to post a link to the code on Git here to ask for support?

The downside remains that the Git-repository could be removed after a while making the thread useless for future coders. But still, is it acceptable?

Yes, it's fine to post a link to a GIT repository if the complexity of the problem is justified. Just try to be specific about the problem at hand.


But it's worth reiterating that the process of minimisation isn't solely for the people who end up helping you; going through the steps to shrink the problem often leads to figuring out what the issue is along the way.


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