Official doc search results are broken, how do I contribute a fix?


When searching the stable stdlib focs for ‘current working directory’ (link) I expect to get a results page with std::env::current_dir in it. Instead I see this text:

Results for current+working+directory
No results :( Try on DuckDuckGo?

Note that searching for ‘working’ gives results, but none containing std::env::current_dir.

However! My question isn’t so much about this problem in particular… instead I’d like to see if I can help fix it. Where do I start contributing to the search feature, if it’s open to the public?



It’s not broken, it’s just a missing feature: There is no full text search, just fuzzy search on the names of the items in the index.


Okay, let’s call it a missing feature. My question still stands :slight_smile:


It’s somewhere in here: I don’t know the code base well enough to give you specific detail, but it’s not super large.