Offering to translate blog posts to Protuguese

Hello everyone,

I've been considering different ways to contribute to the community beyond writing code, that would fit my schedule without impacting much the efforts to move the community forward.

One of the aspects that I like to think about is how to reach more people that are currently not part of the community.

I live in Brazil, where we have a large developer community in general, but at the same time there is not many Brazilians that are fluent in English. This makes it a higher barrier to get into to overcome when programming.

It is very impressive how the PHP, Java and C# community have some many local content, and a wide group knows it. I've worked on many codebases where it was a mix of Portuguese and English method calls. So it seems there is an audience to consume translated content.

There is already a community effort to translate the Rust Book - pt-br, an original book and some other materials written in pt-br

I got wondering if would there anyone on the community interested on having their blog posts translated and republished in Portuguese.

My goal is not to change the default language of the discussions and publications around the language, as we benefit a lot of using a common idiom. My goal is to have more entry content for those who can't yet deeply understand the discussions due to the overhead of it being on another language.

Would having translated content to Portuguese something that you are interested about? Do you have entry /medium level content that would benefit from being in the reader's native language?

Let me know if you like the effort. I'm still no sure how this would go, but I thought of first raising the hand as a first step.