Offering six $50 bounties for algorithms


I'm the author of rgeometry and I'd love to pay $50 each for rust implementations of six well-known computational geometry algorithms. If earning beer money while having fun with rust sounds like your thing, please get in touch.

The six algorithms are:

Who determines if the implementations are correct?
Each algorithm will have a set of unit tests and property tests. If you can make the tests pass, the money is yours.

Is there a time limit?
No, it's first-come, first-served, and the bounties will stay up until they are claimed.

How will the bounties be paid?
The bounties will be transferred in USDC.

What license should I use?
The code should use 0BSD.

RGeometry website:
List of bounties: Issues · rgeometry/rgeometry · GitHub

I'll be honest, that's a deal-breaker for a significant portion of people on this forum.


It's a shame there's no easy way of sending money over the internet.

Yep. But then again if you take the $ offer away from your original post, you might get free code. There are many that do things for FUN. Putting a money offer up can ruin that fun. It turns the task into a job, not a game.

I do have lots of other algorithms on my wish list that people can work on for the fun of it. :slight_smile:

I believe this post violates the "no jobs" rule of Welcome to the Rust programming language users forum

I wouldn’t have thought so but please flag the post of you feel it’s against the rules.

Yeah, it does violate the "no job offers" rule. Most of the arguments against job offers on this forum are equally applicable for bounties.

Well, try again and remember to keep it fun. (no money) Turn the task into a puzzle. (leet code style)
Or just post wrong rust code, for the algorithm and someone will fix it.