Notes and progress of learning official book《The Rust Programming Language》

The Rust Programming Language
I think I should learning any thing from official document, I have waste many time in thinking learning Rust, this consumed my energy.

Foreword - The Rust Programming Language ready!

Its strange, Rust is so cool, why other languages did not do these to save programmer’s time.

I have a question: By solving old pitfalls or troubles in C++ like wise , programmers can improve their skills in programming? If every thing is very smoothly, programmer will know less than ever? May think so is strange?

I have read through several Rust books (some which are highly rated and others less so). For me, by far the best book for learning Rust is the “The Rust Programming Language” (ISBN13: 9781593278281) available in paperback and several electronic versions. This book assumes the reader has basic programming skills in another language (in my case, previous programming in C was very helpful to my understanding). What I like most about the book it shows many examples of compiler errors from incorrect code that beginners are likely to make (in my case, very true).

There are a lot of other Rust books out there but most are over my head or rehash things I already know how to do. The former are still in my library as I plan to revisit them as my skills grow in Rust. The latter are already at Goodwill.

As to your question, in my experience, getting a program to compile in Rust is a lot harder than other languages I have used. I cannot count the times I have compiled and ran a C program only to spend hours finding my bugs. With Rust, by the time I get it compile, it just works (as I write more complex programs this will probably change). With Rust, for me, it is not any faster to write a program than in C - I just spend more time getting it to compile than debugging a compiled program as I would in C.

With Rust, by design, all of the developer skill is on designing a program that will work correctly the first time it is compiled.

Anyway, that is my thoughts as a Rust noob…


Good idea to those books which is over our head, maybe they are good , only not the right time to talk with it.

Maybe Rust use good design and more rules for its goal, I will continue learning it.
In trouble world long time, I can not believe there are else elegant things which can do a balance in the same world.

Introduction - The Rust Programming Language ready!
it seams there are so many things in this book.

Installation - The Rust Programming Language ready!
this section seams easy.

That’s the conclusion of How to Become a Rust Super-developer, which was posted to this forum in a thread many months ago. It’s perhaps my favorite story about learning Rust. :joy:


Thank you very much for this story, story is cool thing for understanding:)