Non blocking svc std::net::TcpStream gets stuck in the WouldBlock loop even though clt TcpStream is shutdown

This only happens on Linux but works fine on Darwin and when criterion is used to do , however when a standard for loop is used all works fine

  • Example contains a main function which in-turn calls two for the most part identical functions
let _ = clt2svc_without_criterion();
let _ = clt2svc_with_criterion();
  • Both functions have the same objective
    • create and connect two non-blocking TcpStream’s to each other
      1. clt TcpStream, will connect from main thread
      2. svc TcpStream, will be accepted from Svc-Thread thread
    • svc TcpSteam will continually write to the socket untill it gets an io::std::Error
    • clt TcpStream will continually read N number of times and then issue clt.shutdown(Shutdown::Both)
    • The only difference between two functions is one uses criterion to measure the read speed and the other a standard for loop. However the one that uses criterion variant hangs as the svc TcpStrem gets ErrorKind::WouldBlock instead of ErrorKind::BrokenPipe

Full Example

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