Nom-greedyerror 0.1.2 released

I released nom-greedyerror: Custom error type of nom to improve accuracy of error position.

The default error types of nom ( (I, ErrorKind) and VerboseError ) take a last challenged error at alt combinator.
Alternatively GreedyError of nom-greedyerror take a deepest error.

For example, the following parser accepts string like abc012abc or 012abc012.

    tuple((alpha1, digit1, alpha1)),
    tuple((digit1, alpha1, digit1)),

If abc012::: is provided, we expect that the parse error happens at:


But VerboseError reports the parse error at:


This is because the last challenged parser is tuple((digit1, alpha1, digit1)) and it is failed.
GreedyError reports the parse error at the expected position.