Node-RED analog in Rust

Good day

I want to implement some sort of Node-RED analog like tiny IoT server which can be run on SOHO router or generic workstation.

I started from the ch20 of Rust book to make very simple Web server as a base, but need some extra tutorials/manuals on implementing things like WebSocket (Socket.IO compatible as a best variant) and WebRTC for multi WebCam streaming and recording.

What resources besides source code of ready to use crates can you recommend to use? I'd prefer to reimplement the all things from scratch stealing and analyzing some source code snipets in contrast to using ready crates as is, to learn Rust language in deep. The best one are tiny blogposts about some components can be usable for my target, I use them now as a starting points to dig into. Maybe someone can point on large series of such blogs made by people who interested in thing like implementing IoT in Rust (both from server-side to ESP- and ARM-based MCU endpoints).

What I want is dataflow programming with code blocks in some sort of script language or maybe bare Rust (at least at a starting stage). The best variant should be totally avoiding any JS coding, as I hate JS language design and its working habits, and want to do all work in Rust thru the all from MCU devices to enduser browser as an interface.

I think, SOHO IoT server can be done as a single binary executable can be distributed without any alongside files, can be just downloaded and run on any suitable device (workstation, Raspberry or maybe SOHO router). I experimented with some HTML etc resources compiled with include_bynary!() and it looks like working solution (and should be faster as all data preloaded into RAM from the app start).

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