No rules expected this token in macro call

Could somebody explain why this not works with trailing comma on last field ?

macro_rules! packet {
        $(opcode $opcode_value:expr;)?
        $vis:vis struct $PacketStruct:ident {
            $($field_name:ident: $field_type:ty),*
    ) => {
        #[derive(Copy, Clone)]
        $vis struct $PacketStruct {
            $($field: $field_type),*

fn main() {
    packet! {
        pub struct Outcome {
            name: String,
            os: u8,
            game_name: String,

on compile this code returns error:

error: no rules expected the token `}`
  --> src/
1  | macro_rules! packet {
   | ------------------- when calling this macro
23 |         }
   |         ^ no rules expected this token in macro call

error: could not compile `playground` due to previous error


If I remove trailing comma after last field in struct all works OK. But it's unclear why

It's because $( ... ),* only matches with the comma between them, not after. You can add an $(,)? at the end of the pattern to allow a trailing comma.


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