No const default for Default implementation?

I can write a
const fn def_struct() -> MyStruct { // fill stuff }
which initializes an empty MyStruct.
this function can be used initializing a (global) static
static mut MYSTRUCT: MyStruct = def_struct();
but it seems i can not write a "impl Default for MyStruct" because it is not a constant function.
Is this a limitation, a feature or shortcoming? Or is there an alternative way?

This is currently a limitation because you cannot have const fns in traits. What do you need a const Default for?

What do you need a const Default for

for initializing a complicated static. chess program. lots of lookup tables, hashkeys etc.
But for now I will use my const function.

It's common practice to pair up Default implementations with equally-defined fn new methods. And the latter can be const (if the implementation permits). Just in case you were looking for a name :wink: Unfortunately the implementation then cannot be derived (at least with the derive macros the standard library offers).