No cargo-apk and no laptop

Always wanted to try Rust since 2017, but laptop always stops charging and I get back in phone.

Can’t run cargo-apk. Arch is armv7a (armhf). Can’t do nothing. Don’t want to fork source too.

How so far didn’t a rat care for armhf developers? I was always meaning to draw bezier curves, testing complex shape collisions, tracing pixels into shapes and a lot of interest stuff, but language and environment always got in my way.

What a.

I’ll never accept writting Java apps. And when I get into AS3 I get unhappy because it’s not ES4. If I’m never able to fully go with Rust, then it’s a mouseyhole.

These Android SDev nd NDev kits are so stupid and run only in x86.

I’m offending all unellaborared softwares for wasting my time like always.

Incomplete and mouseys!

Of course this isn’t fault from creators of Rust, but from life maybe. Anyway, when laptop is in hands, it’s really still issue-prone in regards of development tools, such as…

  • AS3 feature lack
  • Rust borrow errors and library flexibility lack
  • .NET package manager failling hard
  • Mono (2016) failling forever
  • C++ I never chose because wasn’t too good at memory management

These are the best (more mature) dev ways of lately, at least for me, but the issue is the dev device. They don’t care to make it multi-dev.

cargo-apk would work for me if it did rely only on Rust, but instead it also relies in pre-built binaries from external kits.

I don’t want to fork it because I’ll end up re-writting it due to the SDK/NDK paths. Also, Idk how to use aapt and dx, but would be easier than creating new tools (Dalvik parser, XML bytefy etc.).

Ultimately all I see is only Java N-IDE or APK Builder apps, mice that compile non-native Android projects into APKs…

Being very offensive.

And worse, lower than Java 10, without var. That’s a plus why I won’t, besides the abuse of inheritance behavior.

But if I had a keyboard for this phone, maybe.

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